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Best Weight Loss Program that is always a hard to recommend as there are many available weight loss programs for women as well as for men on the market, but there’s no singular way to select a plan that fits everyone. Despite what ads tell you, weight loss goals, motivations, personal preferences, and habits vary from person to person. Before settling on a weight loss plan then, it would be important to consider your goals, needs, and lifestyle. This is important in determining the weight loss diet that is the correct choice for you. Are you busy person with no time for preparing your own healthy meals? Then meal replacement may be the option that is suited. Are you overweight and want to lose a lot of pounds, or are you simply looking forward to maintaining your weight?

If you want a holistic way of losing weight, however, then you may wish to include a program that will encourage and support your achievements as losing weight is not easy but it does help having someone there along the way especially when times get tough.  DietWatch helps you manage your weight as well as nutrition so you lose not only the numbers on the bathroom scale, but also improve your overall health and wellness.

An Overview

There are man online-based weight loss services which offer a comprehensive diet service, which offers many unique features and diet tools that give them an edge over its rivals. Any well rounded program that promotes weight loss and fitness by addressing food and exercise is something that a dieter should consider as this type of program will equal safe, healthy and permanent way to keep weight off compared to fad diets which will have you drop weight quickly only to turn around and gain it back when you begin to eat normally again. A program is well rounded if there are also weight management tools included as well as active online community support to help make sure your diet regiment becomes a success and you get support from others on the forum.   Looking at one of the many programs online I looked at:

Advantages of DietWatch

“See yourself succeed” is DietWatch’s  slogan. This easy-to-use program assists you in keeping track of your food intake and lost pounds. To get started with the program, you will be required to create a username and password.  DietWatch offers the following features and advantages:

1.    Personalized meal plan. There are four options available: No Restrictions, Reduced Carb, Mediterranean, and Vegetarian.

  • No Restrictions diet plan is well suited for people who want to keep a balanced diet. It is also recommended for those who have special dietary requirements or preferences.
  • As consuming too much carbohydrate is one of the leading causes of weight gain, Reduced Carbs limits the amount of the carbohydrates you consume to 40% of your total calorie intake.
  • The diet recipes included in the Mediterranean Meal Plan are meals rich in mono and polyunsaturated fats such as fish, olive oil, and peanuts. Polyunsaturated fats have been studied to reduce risk of certain diseases such as cancer and stroke.
  • The Vegetarian Meal plan is lacto-ovo, which means eggs, which are good sources of protein, as well as dairy are included. This meal plan is ideal for people who don’t want to eat any kind of meat.
  • DietWatch understands you can’t always stick to a meal plan, which is why they provide a dining out guide to over 40 fast food chains and restaurants in the US. The guide also features weight loss tips and nutritional facts of different foods.

2.  DietWatch helps you addresses emotional eating. An 8-week course called Mastering Food helps you tune in to your body needs, manage hunger, avoid binges, etc.

3. Weight loss articles and tips are provided to augment your weight loss efforts.

4. It features a lot of weight loss tools including a weight tracker, shopping list, food diary, calorie counter, and nutritional calculator.

5. There’s an exercise and activity log, which calculates the number of calories you have burned.

Some Disadvantages

While DietWatch is one of the better weight loss programs out there, it does have some shortcomings. For one, the exercises in its workout program are not customized. They serve more as exercise guides when you are working out. These flaws, however, don’t take away the fact that DietWatch is one of the most effective online diet services out there. Whether you’re an obese person who wishes to shed a lot of weight or someone who wishes to maintain their weight, the program provides you all the tools you need to achieve your fitness goals.

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