Best Workout to Lose Weight: Lose Weight At Home

Best Workout to Lose WeightHave you looked at the best workout to lose weight before?  Perhaps the key to finding the right workout for you can be a workout from home as today simply trying to find the time to exercise gets harder to do as we become time poor everyday.

Like many people thinking that they will find the best workout to lose weight at the new gym across town with all the shiny new equipment that will hopefully encourage you to workout.  But after parting with your hard earned money that you paid up front you found it too difficult to attend classes or made an excuse to not to exercise such as it is too hot, too cold or plain and simple just can’t be bothered.

The best workout to lose weight is at home for the following reasons:

– I don’t need to worry about the weather or finding a class time to fit my schedule to excercise weight off

– I can workout in my PJ’s if I want and not have to worry about getting specialized workout gear

– I am not locked into any long-term gym contracts therefore saving money

For health reasons you may have already been informed by your doctor to lose weight and he has probably explained the benefits of exercise improves insulin sensitivity and this helps keep under control blood glucose levels and boost the metabolism which is great for us to burn off any extra calories that we may have put on in the cooler months.

Best Workout to Lose WeightStep one to finding your best workout to lose weight:

Home exercise equipment does not need to be expensive nor does it need to be a permanent place in your home if you go down the track of hiring equipment. Weight excercise equipment is great for strength training and can help you firm up while taking off the pounds.

It makes sense to hire an exercise bike rather than running out to purchase one only for it to act as a clotheshorse when the novelty wears off.  And besides when the weather is warmer there are other activities that will cost nothing at all for example:

* Walking – starting off slow then working up until you are easily doing 30-40 minutes per day.  You should be walking at a pace that you can still hold a conversation.  Ensure that you vary the walk by walking briskly for 10 minutes and light jog another 10 minutes.  Add a set of stairs walk up and then run down and visa versa.


Other considerations in finding the best workout to lose weight:

Do you have any health issues that should be taken into consideration like either back or knee problems this would mean that you would need to select the best exercise workouts to lose weight that didn’t put any undue stress on these problem areas.

– Where will you place the equipment when it arrives?  It will need to be placed in an area that is easy to access and you will be more inclined to use it.

“The right home exercise equipment can add variety, convenience and consistency to your workouts,” says Gregory Florez, of Fitness First.  If you are looking at purchasing commercial grade equipment if is usually more expensive than home workout equipment.

Step two ask an expert when you want to hire/purchase best workout to lose weight:


Ring a personal trainer who can advise you on the right equipment for you if your goal is to find the best workout for the amount of weight to  lose – they will also not only advise on the equipment but give details on the exercises that you should perform for the best results and advise the exercises to avoid if you are carrying an injury.

If the personal trainer has concerns with any health information that you supply he may request that you visit your doctor to get the go ahead to exercise.

Let’s go cardio for the best workout to lose weight!  If you have got the green light to exercise the following machines will give you a great workout.

– Treadmill

– Rowing machines

– Stair Steppers

– Stationary bikes

– Elliptical trainers are the buzz at the moment that promise the workout you will have will be a full body workout while at the same time low impact.  They compare the workout to similar intensity to running on a treadmill but little to no chance of sustaining any joint injury.

Further Tips:

  • Be prepared measure up the room to ensure that it will fit in the space you have in mind.
  • The sales person should instruct you how to use the machine including all the safety features.
  • Check that it has features to monitor fitness progression and quick start functions also a variety of programs – so you don’t become bored
  • Ensure that if you are not hiring multi station gym equipment that you can easily create your own lower cost version.  Simply incorporate hand weights, resistance tubing, large exercise ball and a bench to workout.

Have your favorite exercise DVD music blaring and other essentials like a bottle of water and towel at hand. Mix the routines up with cardio and weights and don’t forget to warm up and cool down and stretch at the end of each session to help your muscles recover after the workout.

Combining cardio and weights will ensure that you are getting the best workout to lose weight.

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