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Is necessary to stay on the straight and narrow especially if you need to lose a lot of
weight. One of the easiest ways to do this is to keep a food diary or diet plan and
record both your food and exercises you do.


Plateau Diet

Plateau DietPlateau Diet happens to all of us at some point of time when we are trying so hard to lose those last few kilos and when we jump on the scales and nothing!  No reward for following the diet and exercising.  It is at this point in the plateau diet that you want to reach for chocolate or revert to bad habits again as you feel disappointed.

Achieving weight loss entails adhering to a diet plateau plan, bidding goodbye to old unhealthy eating habits and giving up your favourite food. It can be a huge challenge that would definitely worth it all at the end of the day. At the onset of any diet plan comes a noticeable change in weight.  However, at some point just when your body had started adopting and getting used to the diet plan you noticed that the weighing scale is stuck at a certain set point and weight reduction suddenly slows down or simply stopped. The once successful diet look like becoming another failed diet attempt. This particular occurrence is commonly termed as plateau diet and can be related to various factors.

Regulatory Factor

The brain acts as the chief entity in establishing, regulating and maintaining bodyweight and body fat levels based on a person’s genetics. When you are on a diet, your body fat levels start to drop down. In response, the brain tells your body to increase the appetite so to prevent further weight and fat loss. This attempt by the body to protect pre-set levels results to weight loss plateaus.

Metabolic Factor

You burn a certain amount of calories daily to keep your body functioning and when the calories you are burning is greater than the calories you get from eating, you lose weight. Factors that may increase metabolism involve nutritional habits, muscle mass, inactivity, and decreased body weight. Lowered metabolism is acquired while losing body weight and this usually creates a balance between the calories you consumed and calories you burned. When a balance is reached, weight is maintained thus causing a plateau.

Ways to Beat Up Plateau Diet

Experiencing plateau diet need not to stop you from going further and finishing what you have started. You may want to consider making required changes in your diet and exercise program. You will not be able to see the differences in the outcome if you would stick to the same old routine.  So try these tips and make the scale moving to the right direction again.

Clean Up Your Diet. Ask yourself a question and answer honestly, have you been a little bit slack with your diet?  Have you let a few things sneak back in thinking that this won’t make any difference?  Examine your diet and if it includes things that shouldn’t be in it get rid of them as they are sabotaging your excellent efforts.

If you have stopped using a food journal go back to this now as it helps keep your eating to a conscious level – you would be surprised at what you thought were not going to make a difference and it does!

Skip Alcohol. Aside from adding calories to your diet, alcohol can also effectively slows down your metabolism while reducing your motivation to work out. Cut-off your alcohol intake or get rid of it totally to start getting off from the plateau diet.

Go for Low-Glycemic Meal. To stay off the plateau diet, you need to get rid of refined carbs in your diet before working out. Instead take low-glycemic carbs about three hours before your workout to burn more fats.

Change the order of your meals if you eat the largest meal at night change it to having it during the middle of the day.  Do this for a week and this is sure to make a difference.

Change Your Exercise Routine – Plateau Diet.

Doing the same thing over and over again only contributes further to plateau diet. You may run today, swim tomorrow, lift weights the next day or take a group exercise the day after. Just don’t do same old same old every day as you will get exercise adaptation where your body adapts to the routine you are giving it.
Go for High-Intensity Interval Training. You can increase weight loss and prevent plateau diet by working out at various levels of intensity. For about 20 minutes you can do weight-train, for 10 minutes do exercise that would work up your hear rate at 85 percent maximum, do more weight training for another 10 minutes and finish your routine with moderate cardio exercise.

Strength Train to Build Muscle. Whenever you work on your muscles, you burn about 50 calories a day. It has been known that successful weight loss always include weight training.

Make Use of Heart Rate Monitor.  Subtract your age from 220 and you’ll get your maximum heart rate. Keeping your heart rate at 65 to 85 percent of your maximum will make your workout more effective.

Drink Water. Drinking not enough water makes your body retain water that adds to your weight. It is recommended to consume about half your body weight in ounces daily especially if you are working out and stays a lot under the heat.

Work Out 30 Minutes Daily. It is recommended for people experiencing plateau diet to allot 30 minutes of daily work out to allow more success in losing weight. Increasing the time spent in exercise will also increase caloric burn.

Getting out of the plateau diet may not be that easy but following these tips may effectively give you a positive result.




A Ketosis Diet|Ketosis Diets That Have Worked

Ketosis DietKetosis Diet or the ‘low-carbohydrate diet’ is actually a process in which the body, namely the liver, goes from a ‘high-carbohydrate diet’ to a ‘low-carbohydrate diet’. The body is an amazing piece of machinery in that it recognizes the change! As the body adapts to the change to a low-carbohydrate diet and have a high fat content it releases ketones. These released ketones, which is caused when the liver turns the high fat content consumed and existing fat into fatty acids, which provide energy to the body and you.

Check with your Dr First

This type of dieting should not be implemented, until you have consulted with your physician. The ketosis diet is basically a diet that is used to fool the body into thinking you are starving and in need of energy. This energy is obtained by burning stored fat, thus causing weight loss.

What to expect on the Ketosis Diet?

The ketosis diet cuts out all breads, pastas and starches and mainly consists of lean meat, such as chicken, turkey, pork and beef. Some well-known ketosis diets are the Atkins Diet and the South Beach Diet. Your weight loss on this diet happens very quickly, but there are some adverse effects. The dieter is often tired, due to the expending of energy, foul breath, aches and pains, depression and headaches. You should weigh the pros and cons, along with your physician’s assistance prior to undertaking such a dramatic change in your normal diet and lifestyle.

Ketosis DietKetosis Diet – Things You Should Know

The ketosis diet is not something that is new; it has been around since the 1920’s when it was used to treat epilepsy. It was abandoned in favor of new medications, though it is still used on the 20 to 30% of those that fail to find relief or control of their disease. The elevated levels of ketones in the blood stream, produced by the liver, will lead to less frequent occurrences of epileptic seizures. A diet based on ketosis when first implemented consisted of just enough protein to maintain growth and repairs of the body, in conjunction with the person’s age. With this in mind the ketosis diet is still provided, but mainly for children, who seem to have a more effective result, when placed and monitored closely by a physician.

Knowing someone who was on the Atkin’s Diet, his major complaint was constipation. There are other potential, but treatable side effects of the ketosis diet, such as acidosis and hypoglycaemia, which would occur during the initial fasting period.

So if this diet or any other diet seems to fit your needs and lifestyle, the most important thing that you should do is always consult your physician prior to starting, and with the ketosis diet especially, realize that you will be dramatically changing your eating habits.


Meal Replacement Diets

Meal Replacement DietsThere are numerous meal replacement diets on the market today, such as, Medifast, The Cookie Diet, Slimfast, OPTIFAST, Special ‘K’ Diet, Biggest Loser Club and the New Lifestyle Diet just to name a few meal replacement products. I’ll start off with Slimfast, which has a great taste, but is loaded with sugar and carbohydrates. It would surprise you that one of the bars contained trans-fats, the worst of its kind.

Types of Meal Replacement Diets

The sweet taste, in these bars, that have vitamins and minerals; will increase your appetite rather than suppressing. You will wind up eating more bars that are suggested and as such not lose weight or have the weight loss that you were expecting. A diet meal that consists of a sugar-laced shake and chocolate bars is not the best way to replace a meal rich in protein and complex carbohydrates.

One of the other meal replacement diets that I have reviewed is the Medifast Diet, which consists of low-calorie shakes and other food supplements. It is a very low-calorie diet with the aim of dropping quite a few pounds.

The next diet would be Dr. Seigals Cookie Diet (well this doesn’t sound too difficult!), which consists of six specially designed cookies that are used to replace two of the day’s meals. The cookies are to be eaten throughout the day, whenever hunger hits you this is one of the meal replacement diets that I wouldn’t be able to stop at the required amount and you would be a better person than I if you stuck to this!

Most Popular Meal Replacement Diets

Meal Replacement DietsOne of the most popular meal replacement diets is the OPTIFAST. This diet also replaces two meals a day with shakes, and a wide assortment of bars. This type of diet meals  has been around for quite some time, so all of the shakes and the bars come in all sorts of yummy flavors. OPTIFAST consists of a liquid diet of shakes and is available in Canada and the United States. This diet is a clinic-based program geared towards an obese-like person that must shed a large amount of weight.

The Special ‘K’ Diet is another diet that replaces two meals a day with Special ‘K’ cereal and a half a cup of low-fat milk. The Biggest Loser Club offers a variety of options when it comes to snack, shakes, soups, and bars. This diet can be purchased online or from a select health food store.

The New Lifestyle Diet, also has a large variety of items to chose from, whether it be puddings, bars, soups or affordable diet shakes. These products can be delivered throughout the United States. So, as you can see there is a wide variety of meal replacement diets that you can choose from and tailor to your needs and to what works the best for you.

Meal replacement meals are meant to kick start your weight loss diet to encourage you especially if you have a lot of weight to lose or maybe your doctor has requested you to lose weight before surgery? They are not a long term solution though and you are better to stay on a meal replacement diet for a period of 2-4 weeks only and then move over to a diet plan that is low fat high fiber and something that you can live with for life.

You could always just follow one of the many meal replacement diets or why not make your own protein bars or shakes?  At least you would have control of the ingredients you would be placing in the food.  If you are looking to try meal replacement diets follow this recipe which will cost a fraction of the price of commercial foods.

High Protein Meal Replacement Drink:

2 scoops or 50 grams of whey powder – for your protein
1/3 cup quick cooked rolled oats – carbohydrate
1-scoop veggie greens – equivalent to recommended daily serves of fruit and vegetable
1 cup cold water
** Handy tip make up a batch of the replacement drink and place in individual separate plastic bags and you will be ready to go.

There is basically nothing wrong with following a meal replacement diet and it has the benefit of teaching you to eat at regular intervals  and portion control but do choose wisely by reading the backs of the ingredients listed some meals are loaded with sugar, select the meal options that are lower in sugar and fat.

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Meal replacement diets are a way to make a start on weight loss and just another tool to help you gain back control.


Protein Diet Menu

Protein Diet MenuWhen trying to figure out what is the best protein diet menu, the first thing you should not start worrying over, is how I am going to fill up my dance card with just high protein. We all know the basic three square meals a day and a snack, well I am going to describe to you how you can fill up these three squares a day and of course a snack with high protein alternatives and lose weight at the same time.

Protein Diet Menu advice

Let us start off with breakfast; you know pancakes, bacon, eggs, toast, cereal and oatmeal. You can still have your eggs and bacon and even transform it in to part of your all protein diet menu and even make it tastier and more varied meal, than you ever thought possible. Eggs can be cooked in various ways, whether scrambled, poached an omelet or sunny side up. You can add all sorts of things to your eggs to jazz them up; it could be cheese, vegetables or even meat. Yogurt is another option and the toppings are numerous and very tasty, such as in season berries, soy nuts or just plain peanuts, whatever you fancy that day. If you are an action person or have the kids to deal with, there are numerous protein bars that will not only fill your diet, but will also accommodate your lifestyle.

Protein Diet MenuThe next and most difficult meal of the day to replace is lunch. The standard sandwich or hero is a hard thing to give up, but this needs to be accomplished, to stay faithful to an all protein diet plan.  Salads are a good choice, especially when topped with chicken or turkey strips; try at all costs to avoid the processed cold cuts or for some extra flavor feta cheese. Another option and surprisingly filling is soup.

A good hearty soup will come with everything you could possibly want, whether it is meat, beans, pepper or chili powder and tons of various vegetables. You can whip up a large pot of this culinary delight, put into individual portions and freeze for later use which is a boom when you are busy and you only need to go to the freezer and then microwave.

Protein Diet Menu ideas

Dinner time has arrived, which is probably the easiest meal to switch to a high protein culinary delight. You can switch it around between fish, poultry and meat making anyone of these the main part of the meal.  Always compliment one of these with a veggie and a green tossed salad.

Now for that person with the sweet tooth, use a little amount of sweetener or vanilla or even almond extract to ricotta cheese and you will be amazed by the taste. Some nuts, hummus or even fruit should quench even the sweetest of the sweet teeth. So just try to enjoy yourself and realize that you do have plenty of options on the protein diets.

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This diet advice of just a little bit of planning for your meals will have interesting protein diet menu that you will be able to stick with and lost weight.


Diet Plans for Teenager Girls: Include Exercise As Well.

Diet Plans for Teenager GirlsWhen it comes to diet plans for teenager girls, you would probably have a hard time finding a teenager that always makes healthy choices. It is very hard for teenagers, due to peer pressure, cheap fast food and the like to maintain a healthy diet so they often follow a not so healthy weight loss diet.  As a parent you should never tell a teenager to not eat junk food, because if you remember as a teenager you will do the opposite and to plan a diet that is successful this is very important.

What to include in diet plans for teenager girls:

A diets plan for teenager girls in fact all teenagers require a certain amount of calories and nutrients, especially calcium and iron, which is very important in this stage of tremendous growth that a female teenager is experiencing. There is a difference in the caloric need for a diet in teenage boys and girls. Girls require 1800 to 2100 calories per day, whereas boys require 2200 to 2700 calories per day.

The most important thing for a diet plans for teenage girls should always include breakfast, which should include some kind of protein and some complex carbohydrates. This would include fresh fruit. During lunch you should put the idea of eating healthy by suggesting healthy choices at the nearest eateries or even the fast food restaurants that offer healthy choices.

A smart teenager girl that brown bags it should include vegetables, fruit, and protein and complex carbohydrates. When the ravenous teenager comes home from school make sure there are healthy choices in the fridge for a diet plan. It is even a good idea to post some kind of checklist for the teenager to follow.

The generation of the baby boomers was probably the last, where eating supper together was a common practice, if possible even with today’s hectic schedules, an effort should be made for the family to eat together at the evening meal.

It might seem strange, but teenager girls that eat together as a family will continue that practice as they grow older and have a family of their own.

Further info for diet plans for teenager girls:

So it is imperative that the supper you prepare is just the right supper for a good and nutrient diet plan for teenagers. When choosing the meats and vegetables for protein make sure the meats are lean and the vegetables are also a source of protein. Keep in the back of your head that this is the meal that you control, so even with dessert make sure that it includes some sort of fruit.

This will give the basis of a healthy and long life by establishing a good diet plan for teenagers by establishing this sensible eating foundation and should eliminate any need to go on a weight loss diet. When you plan a diet make sure you include your teen on the decisions and remember that removing all unhealthy items are simply setting yourself up for failure. The occasional indulgence in a treat can take away the power of cravings.

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When it comes to a diets plan for teenager girls ensure that it is a balanced diet that is nutritious and not fad diets that will put the girls on a diet treadmill for life.


Aitkin’s Diet

Aitkin’s Diet|Diet ReviewAitkin’s Diet is something that I wanted to review as I have tried every diet plan  about in the hope that I would find a weight loss diet plan that I could live with for life.that has been around and taken my interest if it appeared in a book or a magazine. To lose weight the diet that I would find more appealing if it was promoted by someone that I trusted.  from customers and experts alike are very helpful.

Aitkin’s diet explained:

With any of the diets Aitkin’s Diet that you are compelled to try you need to ask yourself this question, “can I eat like this always?” and if you say no then this is a fad diet and following it will get weight off but it won’t be something that you will be able to follow without breaking out – then the weight will come back and then some more. Not saying that the different diets won’t or can’t work but it is a short-term measure. Similar to having meal replacements, shakes or bars.

If you have a lot of weight to lose sometimes the encouragement a diet to lose weight fast and seeing the weight on the scale go down this will be reward alone to keep you continuing on a diet plan.

A cardiologist Dr Robert Atkins who he himself struggled with weight and couldn’t diet as he felt too deprived to stop eating the foods he loved so much wrote Atkins diet 1992. This diet was scrutinized by his peers and went against all nutritional advice at the time when they found that Atkins diet plan was low carbohydrate, high protein and fat.

In 2003 a study showed that the Atkins diet may not be so bad but still skeptics wanted to know the long term effect.

The whole idea is that you started the diet with very low carbohydrate in the first few weeks which had people losing big amounts of weight which was very strange as they would eat breakfasts that consist of bacon and eggs with cream in their coffee if they wanted. Eating foods that before would be denied. Gradually you would add extra carbohydrate back into your diet.

What can you eat on the Aitkin’s diet?

• Protein
• Cheese
• Butter
• Fat
• Cream

There are many people today that are on the Aitkin’s diet who have successfully lost weight and kept it off in the video below there is helpful hints by a dieter who has conquered his weight and is sharing information with you on how he did it.

The weight loss industry is a 30 billion dollar industry today consisting of diet foods, shakes, bars and diet pills. Each one of the companies behind these products are vying for your diet dollars and have large advertising accounts to persuade you to try what they have. Weight loss needs to be something that you can turn into a lifestyle along with increasing exercise. I will leave the decision up to you.

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