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weightloss motivation

Weight Loss Motivation

Weight Loss MotivationA little of weight loss motivation goes a long way, I really want you to know that there has to be a point in your life when you say I am fed up being this way and need to do something about it today.

There is no one that can have weight loss motivation for you to succeed or they would be gainfully employed forever.  Can you imagine they would make a small fortune making a living out of being motivated to do all the things that we should be doing to lose weight like eating less and being more active and we would rake in the benefits of looking great and fitting into our old clothes not mentioning how much more energy that we would have after losing weight.

The reality check is that you can’t lose weight for any other person other than yourself.  As we are overweight we have made bargains with ourselves to say on Monday I will start a new diet, as we all know diets always start on a Monday.  Saying this to ourselves on Saturday we gorge as we know that it is going to be a week of denial, little thought is going into what we are placing in our mouths can actually add another few pounds or kilos before we even start on the new diet.

The trouble is we think we are starting out a fresh by waiting for Monday to roll around.  We have a half hearted attempt and manage to get through until the middle of the week before we have something that is not on our eating plan and think “stuff it, I have blown it now” and you then make another promise to start   next week.

Your on a cycle and it needs to stop now as you are getting no where quick setting yourself up for further failure and more weight gains.

Everyone has that moment when either through doctors advice or a wedding coming up where you know that you need to lose weight.  When this moment comes make the commitment today don’t make the excuse of waiting for a “Monday” to roll around you could of already lost a few pounds or kilos (depending where you live in the world) by Monday!

Since you are now committed be prepared go the full hog so to speak, get rid of the crap out of your pantry, the lollies at the back hidden from the kids that you only know about and sneak when they are in bed.  You don’t need them, be ruthless and bin the lot as you work your way through the refrigerator to do the same, the kids don’t need and you certainly don’t need the junk.

The scales that are in your bathroom that you have been ignoring as you know that you have gained weight but dare not get on the scales.  I want you to wipe the dust off them and put them on a level part of the floor.

Yes I know all the tricks, certain parts of an uneven floor can give a lighter reading and no hanging on the walls either I am on to you!  Be honest with yourself, write this figure down on a post it place the post it on the fridge, bathroom cabinet and beside your side table so that you can see this number everywhere you go.

Next open up a low calorie recipe book I want you to make interesting meals that will satisfy you.  The saying is that you eat with the eyes first, so take the time to present your food rather than slopping it out on a plate or worse still eating from a can of tuna.  It is no wonder you stray off a diet when the food you eat looks so unappetizing.

Weight Loss Motivation Checklist:

  • Weigh and record your weight
  • Place that number over several places around the house
  • Get rid of the junk food
  • Look for recipes that are low calorie with portion control adhered to
  • Shop by list only
  • Serve your food attractively
  • Ensure you make your lunch the night before
  • You need to eat breakfast, if you can’t stomach this first thing
    take ingredients to work and make a shake.  Or make a low fat muffin etc
  • Increase your activity walk up the stairs at work or walk in your lunchtime.  Buy a pedometer and work up to 10,000 steps per day.  Meet this target within a week and for 3-4 every week do the 10,000 steps

So far so good you get a big tick if you are following all of the things listed above.

Now you will need to enlist your family or friends that will also give you weight loss motivation by being supportive or going for a walk with you, or make a low fat dinner when you come over during the week.

Don’t be sucked in by letting them tell you this won’t hurt it is only a little slither.  It does hurt you, as it will send you into sugar or fat frenzy where you go looking for sugary treats or chips long after the little slither has left your lips.

Do you get the feeling that I have been there done that?  Well I have and have conquered my weight problem once and for all and you can too!

Events you may need extra weight loss motivation:

  • Birthdays
  • Anniversary
  • Christmas
  • Easter
  • July 4th
  • Weddings
  • Morning teas
  • Halloween
  • Too cold to exercise
  • Too hot to exercise
  • Don’t feel like it today will do double tomorrow
  • Not losing weight will throw it in and start again on Monday

The list goes on and on as you see can see there is an excuse for just about every day of the year but instead of making excuses to break your diet you need to be firm and know I will not need this restraint next year as I will be able to treat myself once a week not everyday as I have been doing.

Make excuses to stay on the diet.  Be prepared if you have birthdays or special events to turn up to. Don’t go to anywhere hungry and that goes for shopping as well as you know you will be tempted.

There is no reason why you can’t go to these events and have a great time, the event is around the gathering of friends and family the focus should not be around the food.

Tip and hints:

Take your food with you or ask the host what they are cooking so you can make a choice mentally before going.

If dining in a restaurant look online at menus and again make a choice before going or contact the restaurant to see if there is a low fat version they could suggest.

Make this weight loss motivation really work for you today, don’t start another  diet on another Monday I know you can do it!







Right Size Smoothies

Right Size SmoothiesRight Size Smoothies are just right for people battling weight problems as they are always in search for something to add in their diet plan to shed off extra pounds while at the same time keeping the proper levels of nutrition. Home made right size smoothies designed to help weight loss can provide you with all the vitamins, minerals, fibers and other essential health benefits of fresh fruits and vegetables while at the same time keeping your body from attaining extra pounds.

Unlike processed food that contains unhealthy ingredients such as preservatives and additives like sugar, salt and extra fat that mainly contributes to weight gain and other health hazards, home made and nutritious right size smoothies allows you to choose what to include to the recipe according to your own preference and dietary needs, thus allowing you to control what you want take into your body.

It has been told that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and so replacing your unhealthy breakfast packed with carbohydrates and fat with nutritious and vitamin-filled right size smoothies will help you start your day right in a healthy way. Having smoothies for breakfast would also aid in maintaining right level of blood sugars. When you want to lose weight, it is advisable to replace one meal with healthy size smoothies. You can create your smoothie with fresh fruits and vegetables mixed with low fat yogurt or skimmed milk as liquid base to provide you with protein and calcium that helps in burning body fat. Alternatively, if you don’t eat dairy, you can use soy or almond as a liquid base. To add extra protein to your right size smoothies, you can put peanut butter, tofu or crushed nuts.

Right Size SmoothiesResearch has shown that protein has the ability to satisfy hunger more than fat and carbohydrates. Hunger and cravings is at its peak after working out so by including in your weight loss plan some right size smoothies every after workout session is definitely a way to go.

Below are some recipes for homemade right size smoothies that you could simply follow or modify a little to suit your nutritional preferences.


Right Size Smoothies – Recipe Kiwi and Guava


Kiwi and guava are rich source of dietary fiber, which is good in filling you up and suppressing appetite.


•                1.5 cups of kiwi

•                2 cups – guava

•                1.5 cups – low fat milk

•                1 tablespoon of almonds


1.    Add the low fat milk in the blender.

2.    Add skinned and chopped guava and kiwi.

3.    Add the almonds.

4.    Blend it in a slow speed and increase gradually.

5.    Blend for 30 seconds or until everything is smooth.

6.    Serve fresh and chilled.

Right size smoothies for Weight Loss – Blackberries and Avocado Recipe


Blackberries are high source of Vitamin C and full of anti-oxidants. It also contains a substantial amount of phenolic acids that aid your body to eliminate unhealthy food you consume. Avocado thickens your right size smoothies while delivering high-density lipids to your body that sweeps away the cholesterol clogging your arteries.



1.            1 cup blackberries

2.            1 cup avocado

3.            2.5 cups of low fat plain yogurt

4.            2 tablespoons of oatmeal


1.           Pour the yogurt in the blender jar.

2.           Add the avocado and blackberries, but make sure to take off any stems or skins if you need to.

3.           Add the oatmeal.

4.           To ensure to come up with the smoothest blend, start the blender speed slow then gradually increase the speed.

5.           Blend everything until it reaches the right consistency.

6.           Blender sticks are great to move ingredients around to make sure everything is blended evenly.

7.           Serve fresh and chilled

These recipes are just some of the many and varied smoothies you can make from home. You can always play with the fruit ingredients and come up with right size smoothies that will bring you abundant health benefits.

easy ways to lose weight

Easy Steps To Lose Weight Fast

Easy Steps To Lose Weight Fast Everyone wants to have easy steps to lose weight fast regardless of how long it has taken to put the weight on.  You will want to know that when they have weight to lose that this will be the last weight loss diet that they ever have to be on no one wants to be constantly want to lose weight and then gain it back again as it doesn’t get any easier the older you get and the constant yo yoing of fasting to lose weight and the constant ups and down in your body weight only goes on to stuff up your metabolic weight.

One day this will come back and haunt you as you try losing weight and follow the diets tips that I have included to the letter only to find out that you are not rewarded on the scales with any weight loss to reward you for all of the effort you have taken. There is no reward in losing weight fast as fast weight loss will result in the weight coming back on even quicker and that is not what you want you need to do it once and do it well.  Starvation and fasting to lose weight is both dangerous and unhealthy.

I am sure that you know that the body basic function is to protect it in times of famine and when you drastically pull back the calories to the minimum that your body says here we go again she/he is in starvation mode and I will hold back calories.  This becomes heart breaking and I know myself have had a cry on the scales as there has not been any change in the numbers showing and then went on to gorge on basically anything I could get my hands on.

Let’s look at easy steps to lose weight fast:

  • Make chocolates a luxury and not a routine. Chocolates are not or at least they should not be part of your every day diet
  • Like chocolate alcoholic beverages will add to your weight gain without any nutritional value at all
  • Breakfast is a must have every day if you can’t stomach breakfast use 1 cup of skim milk with half a banana blended as a smoothie.  It’s always best to include a walk first thing after you have breakfast and within an hour of waking so that your body can charge itself with energy it needs for the day.
  • Adopt a vegetarian diet at least for a few days of the week, it is good for your health.
  • Choose white meat meals with only have having red meat a couple times of the day.
  • Eat a protein and high fiber food which will fill you up and when looking at bread choose Multi grain bread, better than white breads.
  • A key to fast losing weight is to reduce intake of pork and pork products like bacon, sausages and ham. Eat pork that is lean with no fat on it which will then give you better results on the scales when you are trying to lose weight.
  • Take it easy when using salt to your food. Bring down your salt intake to half of what it was last year. Too much salt is one causes of obesity and is bad for you in excess.  Most foods nowadays have salt added so you really do not need to add any thing further to your meals this is just a habit
  • Avoid frying foods instead; baking food is by far a healthier method of preparing food than frying. Baking requires lesser oil or fat or a light spray of cooking oil preferably olive oil.
  • Use a non stick frying pan for your cooking so that you do not have to add oil.  Your goal is to avoid much oil as possible and a non stick pan is the perfect solution to your problem.

How to apply easy steps to lose weight fast:

  • If your starting for a new plan of weight loss. Here is something that you shouldn’t do, do not set a final goal loss weight…people are not in control of how fast your body losses weight.
  • Focus on vow not to lose total number of pounds but vow to make the changes that will get you to your goal weight.
  • Instead of saying to yourself the number of pounds you are going to lose, say to yourself  I’m going to walk for 20 minutes every day, I’m going to eat 5 serving of fruits and vegetables. These are all things that going to get you to your goal weight, do this things and weight loss will follow without you even thinking about it.
  • Slow down when eating and pay attention with the food to get the sense of satisfaction from eating.  Put knife and fork when not eating and chew at least 20 times before swallowing.  Always eat at the one place for example at the table not in front of the TV.
  • When eating take a measure portion out in a food and put it in a plate. By that you’ll know exactly how much you’re eating.  Don’t clean up your kids plates after you have eaten.  Scrape them into the bin.

Short but Effective Weight Loss Tips

1.       Nutrition

Foods to Avoid:

  • Eliminate sugar
  • Eliminate process foods such as rice cakes

2.       Exercise

  • Perform exercises that  help burn calories all day walking is cheap and easy to do . . . and it’s also one of the loss weight tips of the pros.  If you are very overweight try for 10 minutes and add to this daily by 5 minutes extra a day until you are walking 30-40 minutes a day.  Rain, Hail or shine…no excuses

3.       Lifestyle

  • Manage and customize lifestyle around your new eating and exercises routines, makes these habits.  Look after yourself and concentrate on what you are putting in your mouth by writing a food diary
  • Stick with a program for at least 21-30 days to start seeing a difference.  Measure yourself before you start the new lifestyle change and then measure once per week
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They are easy steps to lose weight fast but the key is when you stumble to dust yourself off and get on with losing weight.


Healthy Eating Schedule

Healthy Eating Schedule When it comes to healthy eating schedule, one of the most difficult things to do is to know exactly how much you should eat. Many people end up eating far too much because of the advice that they should “eat throughout the day,” or else they eat too little, thinking this is healthy. If you want to combat this, one of the best things you can do is put yourself on an eating schedule, with regimented meals and times of day.

What is in a healthy eating schedule all about?

It actually is true that you should eat small meals all throughout the day, even though this can seem a bit counter intuitive. The most important meal (as you have surely heard people say before) is breakfast. This is because, when you eat breakfast to start your day, you get your metabolism working right away; your metabolism is also the reason why it is good to eat throughout the day.

You do not need a big meal for breakfast so much as you need a meal that will simply get your metabolism going. But remember: You will not be eating again for another few hours, so make sure you eat enough to hold you over until your mid-morning snack.

Make sure your mid-morning snack falls right in between breakfast and lunch; it should, of course, be something light and healthy. You can take lunch as an opportunity to provide yourself with a satisfying and filling meal; but although it is tempting to eat a lot, remember that you will be eating again in just a few hours!

Sometime in the middle of the afternoon – between lunch and dinner – you should plan to have another light snack. You can eat another full meal when you get home from work or wrap up your day; but once again, remember that you may eat one more light snack a few hours later, so do not eat too much!

Further healthy eating schedule tips:

When you start to get yourself on an eating schedule – where you are eating five to six small meals a day, at set times of day – you will find that your body is healthier and your metabolism is working more efficiently. As odd as it might seem, it truly does work to “eat more often to stay slim and healthy”!

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With staying on a healthy eating schedule you should now be armed with the tools to lose weight!