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has many benefits such as health benefits can sipping 3-4 cups a day really makes a difference?


Green Tea Metabolism |Tea Benefits In Each Cup

Green Tea MetabolismYou may have read about green tea metabolism and not to sure what that is all about and may not know that there has been a dramatic increase in the population of people reaping the healthy benefits of green tea. The health benefits from switching to carbonated drinks have been documented, due to the green tea metabolism ability to provide you with a thermogenic effect and catechin polyphenols, which are in layman’s terms antioxidants. This in turn effects green tea metabolism.

Good News For People Looking for Weight Loss

Let’s start off with green tea metabolism thermogenic effect. These effects result in the increase of a person’s metabolic rate.  This increase is the result of heat production and a very small increase in body temperature, which in turn will result in you burning up the stored fat in the body. The increase in a person’s metabolic rate is the goal of anyone trying to lose weight.

The compounds in green tea metabolism effects certain hormones and chemicals found in the body. With this in mind and an altering or any altering in your metabolic rate, it is highly recommended that you consult with your physician and get a full understanding of what you can expect.

Added Benefit To Green Tea Metabolism

Do not look for miracles, however, since green tea will only, on average, and this is an estimated increase of your metabolic rate of between four and five percent. These figures can vary depending on the person’s sex, amount taken and the weight of the person. To give you an idea of what this means, this metabolic increase will result in the burning on average of 100 calories a day.

Things You Need To Know

In addition, green tea naturally in catechin polyphenols, know to change the bodies use of norepinephrine. Norepinephrine is a chemical transmitter that has the ability to raise the rate of calorie burning and the lowering of cholesterol. As with most teas, green tea contains caffeine, which is known to give you an increase of your energy level and metabolic rate. Caffeine stimulates the adrenal glands, which in turn produce testosterone, which will result in the above increases of energy and metabolic rate.

Green Tea MetabolismGreen Tea Metabolism – Types of Tea

Green tea has more catechin, which is an oxidant, than black tea, since it requires less fermentation and processing. There are three types of tea, which come from the same plant called camellia sinensis, Lung Ching, Xinyang Mao Jian, and Putuo Fo Cha.ea. Of these three teas, green tea if personally brewed, contains four times as many catechins per cup as black tea, the most common and oxidized.

There have been numerous studies on the  green tea benefits, and to date, all have been positive. Whether used to aid in the regulating of body fat and reduction of obesity, to adding to a regular exercise program, green tea will slow our inevitable age-related declines of our physical activities and our energy metabolism.

If you have not already been sold on the benefits of weight loss by drinking green tea you may also be excited to know that the tea not only benefits you losing weight there are also other health benefits mentioned below.

Medical evidence talks further about cholesterol and the further health affects that green tea had on animals
which further supports that there is only pluses when it comes to drinking green tea for weight loss!

Effects of tea catechins (tannins) on lipid metabolism were studied in male weanling rats fed a 25% casein diet containing 15% lard and 1% cholesterol for 28 days. Crude tea catechins prepared from green tea powder were supplemented at a 1% and 2% of the lard-cholesterol diet. The addition of 2% tea catechins slightly depressed growth but at the 1% level was without effect. Tea catechins decreased plasma total cholesterol, cholesterol ester, total cholesterol–HDL-cholesterol (VIDL-+LDL-cholesterol) and atherogenic index (VLDL-+LDL-cholesterol/HDL-cholesterol). Hematocrit and plasma glucose were not altered by the addition of tea catechins. The liver weight, liver total lipids and cholesterol concentrations in rats fed the lard-cholesterol diet increased more than in the control rats, but the addition of tea catechins to the lard-cholesterol diet decreased those parameters. Tea catechin supplementation increased fecal excretion of total lipids and cholesterol. The results demonstrate that tea catechins exert a hypocholesterolemic effect in cholesterol-fed rats.”


With simple changes to your eating and drinking habits such as swapping the fattening toppings and creams we are having in our coffee’s and drinking 3-4 cups of green tea daily.  Now you know all about green tea metabolism and you can make up your own mind.