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Easy Steps To Lose Weight Fast

Easy Steps To Lose Weight Fast Everyone wants to have easy steps to lose weight fast regardless of how long it has taken to put the weight on.  You will want to know that when they have weight to lose that this will be the last weight loss diet that they ever have to be on no one wants to be constantly want to lose weight and then gain it back again as it doesn’t get any easier the older you get and the constant yo yoing of fasting to lose weight and the constant ups and down in your body weight only goes on to stuff up your metabolic weight.

One day this will come back and haunt you as you try losing weight and follow the diets tips that I have included to the letter only to find out that you are not rewarded on the scales with any weight loss to reward you for all of the effort you have taken. There is no reward in losing weight fast as fast weight loss will result in the weight coming back on even quicker and that is not what you want you need to do it once and do it well.  Starvation and fasting to lose weight is both dangerous and unhealthy.

I am sure that you know that the body basic function is to protect it in times of famine and when you drastically pull back the calories to the minimum that your body says here we go again she/he is in starvation mode and I will hold back calories.  This becomes heart breaking and I know myself have had a cry on the scales as there has not been any change in the numbers showing and then went on to gorge on basically anything I could get my hands on.

Let’s look at easy steps to lose weight fast:

  • Make chocolates a luxury and not a routine. Chocolates are not or at least they should not be part of your every day diet
  • Like chocolate alcoholic beverages will add to your weight gain without any nutritional value at all
  • Breakfast is a must have every day if you can’t stomach breakfast use 1 cup of skim milk with half a banana blended as a smoothie.  It’s always best to include a walk first thing after you have breakfast and within an hour of waking so that your body can charge itself with energy it needs for the day.
  • Adopt a vegetarian diet at least for a few days of the week, it is good for your health.
  • Choose white meat meals with only have having red meat a couple times of the day.
  • Eat a protein and high fiber food which will fill you up and when looking at bread choose Multi grain bread, better than white breads.
  • A key to fast losing weight is to reduce intake of pork and pork products like bacon, sausages and ham. Eat pork that is lean with no fat on it which will then give you better results on the scales when you are trying to lose weight.
  • Take it easy when using salt to your food. Bring down your salt intake to half of what it was last year. Too much salt is one causes of obesity and is bad for you in excess.  Most foods nowadays have salt added so you really do not need to add any thing further to your meals this is just a habit
  • Avoid frying foods instead; baking food is by far a healthier method of preparing food than frying. Baking requires lesser oil or fat or a light spray of cooking oil preferably olive oil.
  • Use a non stick frying pan for your cooking so that you do not have to add oil.  Your goal is to avoid much oil as possible and a non stick pan is the perfect solution to your problem.

How to apply easy steps to lose weight fast:

  • If your starting for a new plan of weight loss. Here is something that you shouldn’t do, do not set a final goal loss weight…people are not in control of how fast your body losses weight.
  • Focus on vow not to lose total number of pounds but vow to make the changes that will get you to your goal weight.
  • Instead of saying to yourself the number of pounds you are going to lose, say to yourself  I’m going to walk for 20 minutes every day, I’m going to eat 5 serving of fruits and vegetables. These are all things that going to get you to your goal weight, do this things and weight loss will follow without you even thinking about it.
  • Slow down when eating and pay attention with the food to get the sense of satisfaction from eating.  Put knife and fork when not eating and chew at least 20 times before swallowing.  Always eat at the one place for example at the table not in front of the TV.
  • When eating take a measure portion out in a food and put it in a plate. By that you’ll know exactly how much you’re eating.  Don’t clean up your kids plates after you have eaten.  Scrape them into the bin.

Short but Effective Weight Loss Tips

1.       Nutrition

Foods to Avoid:

  • Eliminate sugar
  • Eliminate process foods such as rice cakes

2.       Exercise

  • Perform exercises that  help burn calories all day walking is cheap and easy to do . . . and it’s also one of the loss weight tips of the pros.  If you are very overweight try for 10 minutes and add to this daily by 5 minutes extra a day until you are walking 30-40 minutes a day.  Rain, Hail or shine…no excuses

3.       Lifestyle

  • Manage and customize lifestyle around your new eating and exercises routines, makes these habits.  Look after yourself and concentrate on what you are putting in your mouth by writing a food diary
  • Stick with a program for at least 21-30 days to start seeing a difference.  Measure yourself before you start the new lifestyle change and then measure once per week
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They are easy steps to lose weight fast but the key is when you stumble to dust yourself off and get on with losing weight.

4 thoughts on “Easy Steps To Lose Weight Fast

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  2. hey i’m 15 and i’m getting zumba fitness for christmas if i use that for an hour a day every day will i lose weight and also eating healthy. i got back to school on the 28th of next month will i have lost any weight by then?. is zumba as good as they say it is ?. thanks..

    1. Hi any type of movement is good for you and having an exercise that is fun and enjoy doing is a bonus and then you will keep doing it. Keep up the good work!


  3. I believe avoiding highly processed foods is the first step to be able to lose weight. They will taste very good, but refined foods have got very little nutritional value, making you consume more simply to have enough electricity to get through the day. If you are constantly ingesting these foods, converting to whole grains and other complex carbohydrates will aid you to have more vigor while having less. Good blog post.

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