Fast Weight Loss Tips

Fast Weight Loss TipsOne of the most confronting things when crunch time comes and you finally decide now is the time that I am going to lose weight and do it for good! Once you have reached this moment you need to take action:

• Strip off and have a friend take your photo – yes I know it’s embarrassing but you will be glad you did down the track.
• Next you need to take your measurements and write them down, the reason for doing this is what doesn’t show on the scales measurements will show and this will be added encouragement.
• Clothing you need to go to your closet and find a piece of clothing you used to be able to wear. Put this on and see how it feels and how tight the clothing is on your body.
• Diary – the reason being is that you need to bring food up to a conscious level as it amazes me how many people say I have been on the diet and not lost any weight. These are the same people who have tasted or had a bite of something and forgotten that all the little bites and tastes add up.
• Buy a new low fat cookbook and remember if it says it serves 4 freeze the other 3 serves. The reason why people right off their diets is that they don’t prepare for the food side and then make excuses why they have blown the diet and promise to start it again next week!
• This weightless diet is the last. The reason that this will work is that you will be prepared and you do this by cooking on the weekend to have some meals put aside. Make your lunch if you are a working person, if you are a stay at home Mom you still need to prepare your lunch. In fact get all the food you are having for the day including snacks once this food is gone you have eaten your quota. There is no more to be had.
• Drink water, don’t go in for the fancy bottled water it is expensive and tap water is basically the same and it is free.
• If you don’t like the taste of plain water squeeze lemon or lime will make the difference.

Once you have taken your photo and measurements it is time to step onto the scale. If you haven’t been on them for a while ask your friend to look and record. It’s funny how you avoid stepping on them when you know you have gained weight!

Fast Weight Loss TipsOK now all the measurements, photos and weight have been recorded no having sneaky looks on the scales for at least a week. There is nothing that is more discouraging than to jump on the scales and find that they haven’t moved this is enough at times to just thrown the towel in and blow the diet. But you are not quitting now, believe me you will succeed.

To quicken weightless you will need to look at:

• Drinking 6-8 glasses of water
• Incorporate a 20-30 minute walk. If you have not got a friend to come with you borrow a dog to walk for the neighbors if you don’t have one yourself.
• Portion sizes are definitely a biggy you still can have too much of a good thing. Meat portion serve is the size of a small matchbox no bigger. Look at the weightless portions and ensure that you measure this out.

Once every four weeks it is a full weigh in, try clothes on, measure and another picture. This is your journey and you need to chart your progress. If the scales don’t show your hard work, the measurements lost and the trying on the clothes should lift your spirit.

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