Meal Replacement Diets

Meal Replacement DietsThere are numerous meal replacement diets on the market today, such as, Medifast, The Cookie Diet, Slimfast, OPTIFAST, Special ‘K’ Diet, Biggest Loser Club and the New Lifestyle Diet just to name a few meal replacement products. I’ll start off with Slimfast, which has a great taste, but is loaded with sugar and carbohydrates. It would surprise you that one of the bars contained trans-fats, the worst of its kind.

Types of Meal Replacement Diets

The sweet taste, in these bars, that have vitamins and minerals; will increase your appetite rather than suppressing. You will wind up eating more bars that are suggested and as such not lose weight or have the weight loss that you were expecting. A diet meal that consists of a sugar-laced shake and chocolate bars is not the best way to replace a meal rich in protein and complex carbohydrates.

One of the other meal replacement diets that I have reviewed is the Medifast Diet, which consists of low-calorie shakes and other food supplements. It is a very low-calorie diet with the aim of dropping quite a few pounds.

The next diet would be Dr. Seigals Cookie Diet (well this doesn’t sound too difficult!), which consists of six specially designed cookies that are used to replace two of the day’s meals. The cookies are to be eaten throughout the day, whenever hunger hits you this is one of the meal replacement diets that I wouldn’t be able to stop at the required amount and you would be a better person than I if you stuck to this!

Most Popular Meal Replacement Diets

Meal Replacement DietsOne of the most popular meal replacement diets is the OPTIFAST. This diet also replaces two meals a day with shakes, and a wide assortment of bars. This type of diet meals  has been around for quite some time, so all of the shakes and the bars come in all sorts of yummy flavors. OPTIFAST consists of a liquid diet of shakes and is available in Canada and the United States. This diet is a clinic-based program geared towards an obese-like person that must shed a large amount of weight.

The Special ‘K’ Diet is another diet that replaces two meals a day with Special ‘K’ cereal and a half a cup of low-fat milk. The Biggest Loser Club offers a variety of options when it comes to snack, shakes, soups, and bars. This diet can be purchased online or from a select health food store.

The New Lifestyle Diet, also has a large variety of items to chose from, whether it be puddings, bars, soups or affordable diet shakes. These products can be delivered throughout the United States. So, as you can see there is a wide variety of meal replacement diets that you can choose from and tailor to your needs and to what works the best for you.

Meal replacement meals are meant to kick start your weight loss diet to encourage you especially if you have a lot of weight to lose or maybe your doctor has requested you to lose weight before surgery? They are not a long term solution though and you are better to stay on a meal replacement diet for a period of 2-4 weeks only and then move over to a diet plan that is low fat high fiber and something that you can live with for life.

You could always just follow one of the many meal replacement diets or why not make your own protein bars or shakes?  At least you would have control of the ingredients you would be placing in the food.  If you are looking to try meal replacement diets follow this recipe which will cost a fraction of the price of commercial foods.

High Protein Meal Replacement Drink:

2 scoops or 50 grams of whey powder – for your protein
1/3 cup quick cooked rolled oats – carbohydrate
1-scoop veggie greens – equivalent to recommended daily serves of fruit and vegetable
1 cup cold water
** Handy tip make up a batch of the replacement drink and place in individual separate plastic bags and you will be ready to go.

There is basically nothing wrong with following a meal replacement diet and it has the benefit of teaching you to eat at regular intervals  and portion control but do choose wisely by reading the backs of the ingredients listed some meals are loaded with sugar, select the meal options that are lower in sugar and fat.

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Meal replacement diets are a way to make a start on weight loss and just another tool to help you gain back control.

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