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Protein Diet MenuWhen trying to figure out what is the best protein diet menu, the first thing you should not start worrying over, is how I am going to fill up my dance card with just high protein. We all know the basic three square meals a day and a snack, well I am going to describe to you how you can fill up these three squares a day and of course a snack with high protein alternatives and lose weight at the same time.

Protein Diet Menu advice

Let us start off with breakfast; you know pancakes, bacon, eggs, toast, cereal and oatmeal. You can still have your eggs and bacon and even transform it in to part of your all protein diet menu and even make it tastier and more varied meal, than you ever thought possible. Eggs can be cooked in various ways, whether scrambled, poached an omelet or sunny side up. You can add all sorts of things to your eggs to jazz them up; it could be cheese, vegetables or even meat. Yogurt is another option and the toppings are numerous and very tasty, such as in season berries, soy nuts or just plain peanuts, whatever you fancy that day. If you are an action person or have the kids to deal with, there are numerous protein bars that will not only fill your diet, but will also accommodate your lifestyle.

Protein Diet MenuThe next and most difficult meal of the day to replace is lunch. The standard sandwich or hero is a hard thing to give up, but this needs to be accomplished, to stay faithful to an all protein diet plan.  Salads are a good choice, especially when topped with chicken or turkey strips; try at all costs to avoid the processed cold cuts or for some extra flavor feta cheese. Another option and surprisingly filling is soup.

A good hearty soup will come with everything you could possibly want, whether it is meat, beans, pepper or chili powder and tons of various vegetables. You can whip up a large pot of this culinary delight, put into individual portions and freeze for later use which is a boom when you are busy and you only need to go to the freezer and then microwave.

Protein Diet Menu ideas

Dinner time has arrived, which is probably the easiest meal to switch to a high protein culinary delight. You can switch it around between fish, poultry and meat making anyone of these the main part of the meal.  Always compliment one of these with a veggie and a green tossed salad.

Now for that person with the sweet tooth, use a little amount of sweetener or vanilla or even almond extract to ricotta cheese and you will be amazed by the taste. Some nuts, hummus or even fruit should quench even the sweetest of the sweet teeth. So just try to enjoy yourself and realize that you do have plenty of options on the protein diets.

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This diet advice of just a little bit of planning for your meals will have interesting protein diet menu that you will be able to stick with and lost weight.

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