Right Size Smoothies

Right Size SmoothiesRight Size Smoothies are just right for people battling weight problems as they are always in search for something to add in their diet plan to shed off extra pounds while at the same time keeping the proper levels of nutrition. Home made right size smoothies designed to help weight loss can provide you with all the vitamins, minerals, fibers and other essential health benefits of fresh fruits and vegetables while at the same time keeping your body from attaining extra pounds.

Unlike processed food that contains unhealthy ingredients such as preservatives and additives like sugar, salt and extra fat that mainly contributes to weight gain and other health hazards, home made and nutritious right size smoothies allows you to choose what to include to the recipe according to your own preference and dietary needs, thus allowing you to control what you want take into your body.

It has been told that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and so replacing your unhealthy breakfast packed with carbohydrates and fat with nutritious and vitamin-filled right size smoothies will help you start your day right in a healthy way. Having smoothies for breakfast would also aid in maintaining right level of blood sugars. When you want to lose weight, it is advisable to replace one meal with healthy size smoothies. You can create your smoothie with fresh fruits and vegetables mixed with low fat yogurt or skimmed milk as liquid base to provide you with protein and calcium that helps in burning body fat. Alternatively, if you don’t eat dairy, you can use soy or almond as a liquid base. To add extra protein to your right size smoothies, you can put peanut butter, tofu or crushed nuts.

Right Size SmoothiesResearch has shown that protein has the ability to satisfy hunger more than fat and carbohydrates. Hunger and cravings is at its peak after working out so by including in your weight loss plan some right size smoothies every after workout session is definitely a way to go.

Below are some recipes for homemade right size smoothies that you could simply follow or modify a little to suit your nutritional preferences.


Right Size Smoothies – Recipe Kiwi and Guava


Kiwi and guava are rich source of dietary fiber, which is good in filling you up and suppressing appetite.


•                1.5 cups of kiwi

•                2 cups – guava

•                1.5 cups – low fat milk

•                1 tablespoon of almonds


1.    Add the low fat milk in the blender.

2.    Add skinned and chopped guava and kiwi.

3.    Add the almonds.

4.    Blend it in a slow speed and increase gradually.

5.    Blend for 30 seconds or until everything is smooth.

6.    Serve fresh and chilled.

Right size smoothies for Weight Loss – Blackberries and Avocado Recipe


Blackberries are high source of Vitamin C and full of anti-oxidants. It also contains a substantial amount of phenolic acids that aid your body to eliminate unhealthy food you consume. Avocado thickens your right size smoothies while delivering high-density lipids to your body that sweeps away the cholesterol clogging your arteries.



1.            1 cup blackberries

2.            1 cup avocado

3.            2.5 cups of low fat plain yogurt

4.            2 tablespoons of oatmeal


1.           Pour the yogurt in the blender jar.

2.           Add the avocado and blackberries, but make sure to take off any stems or skins if you need to.

3.           Add the oatmeal.

4.           To ensure to come up with the smoothest blend, start the blender speed slow then gradually increase the speed.

5.           Blend everything until it reaches the right consistency.

6.           Blender sticks are great to move ingredients around to make sure everything is blended evenly.

7.           Serve fresh and chilled

These recipes are just some of the many and varied smoothies you can make from home. You can always play with the fruit ingredients and come up with right size smoothies that will bring you abundant health benefits.

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